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The card counting scene was later spoofed in The Hangover and Zach Galifianakis becoming a celebrated meme. Starring Andra Millian and Kevin Costner, this classic film which was released in 1983 tells the tale of a young woman (Millian) who’s taught to count cards (by Costner) so she has the chance to win big. Unfortunately, those pesky casino bosses don’t like to lose money so (SPOILER) have Costner killed off! This leaves Millian with no option but to reap her revenge and train her own team of card counters to take the casino for all it has got. Another film that follows the incredibly popular story of a group of college students who go on a spree of blackjack winnings after been taught how to count cards, The Last Casino is 21’s predecessor, having been released in 2004. This Canadian made-for-TV movie looks and feels like an early noughties made-for-TV movie but that’s part of its charm. Will they get the half a mill they need, or get discovered before the deadline? For a real-life look at card counting, this is your film. This 2005 documentary-style film looks at the history of card counting.  Directed by David Layton, this film mixes interviews with card counters, casino workers and gambling experts while also delving into the strategies and the math behind card counting.

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